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2020 Beautification Award Winners

The Village of Mokena Community Affairs Commission is pleased to announce the 2020 Beautification Award Winners.  Winners will be notified via US Mail. 

Awards will be hand-delivered to winners the week of September 28th by Community Affairs Commission members.

The 2020 Residential winners are...

  • The Andresen Family of Oakwood Drive
  • The Andronis Family of Swan Drive
  • The Bajenski Family of Willow Avenue
  • The Baker Family of Third Street
  • The Berry Family of Scott Street
  • The Bogacz Family of Center Street
  • The Brezinski Family of April Lane
  • The Crane Family on Burnside Station Drive
  • The Davis Family of Swinford Court
  • The Dockus Family of Division Street
  • The Donahue Family of Crystal Court West
  • The Garvey Family of Wexford Drive
  • The Gimino Family of Lancaster Drive
  • The Guisinger Family of Jacob Drive
  • The Gurskas Family of Everett Lane
  • The Gutrich Family of Foxborough Drive
  • The Hammerstein Family of Patricia Lane
  • The Hamstra Family of Creek Crossing Drive
  • The Hard Family of W. 195th Street
  • The Hoerner/Wirtz Family of Fintan Court
  • The Holmes Family of St. Vincent Court
  • The Kowal Family of Giles Drive
  • The Kroll Family of Alison Trail
  • The Lachenberg Family of Prairie Ridge Drive
  • The Lighty Family of Swinford Lane
  • The Loizzo Family of Tahoe Lane
  • The Manuel Family of Ginger Creek Lane
  • The Mastey Family of Meadow Creek Drive
  • The Mayto Family of Pine Grove Drive
  • The McCabe & Associates Family of Old Castle Drive
  • The McEvoy Family of Granite Drive
  • The McMahon Family of Willow Lane
  • The Mertens Family of S. 116th Family
  • The Mirocha Family of Galway Bay
  • The Miroslaw Family of Waterford Lane
  • The Muniz Family of Second Street
  • The O’Keefe Family of S. 116th Avenue
  • The Olmos Family of Pine Grove Drive
  • The Olson Family of Lindsay Lane
  • The Owens Family of Marilyn Way
  • The Peloquin Family of Kimberly Trail
  • The Perna Family of Mayfair Court
  • The Pinto Family of O’Connell Avenue
  • The Pote Family of Foxford Lane
  • The Quinlan Family of Everett Lane
  • The Robustelli Family of Meadowview Drive
  • The Rusenovich Family of Westminster Drive
  • The Savarino Family of Sagebrush Lane
  • The Sampang Family on Vanderbilt Drive
  • The Savarino Family of Sagebrush Lane
  • The Schroader Family of Greenview Avenue
  • The Shinn Family on Westinghouse Court
  • The Sinadinos Family of S. 116th Avenue
  • The Snyder Family of 188th Place
  • The Solski Family of Tatara Bridge Court
  • The Spear Family of Revere Road
  • The Spurck Family of First Court
  • The Tiernan Family of Victorian Drive
  • The Tinervia Family of Tall Grass Drive
  • The Turney Family of Mokena Street
  • The Wallace Family of Forestview Court
  • The Whitlock Family of Kent Trail
  • The Yuhas Family of Kestrel Avenue
  • The Zakula Family of Swanberg Lane


The 2020 Non-Residential winners are...

  • Sid Kamp at 8118 W. 189th Street
  • Crash Champions at 8910 W. 191st Street
  • Blending Views at 19211 Henry Drive
  • at 9643 Willow Lane
  • The Coldwell Banker Building at 19222 S. LaGrange Road
  • Tri-Star Real Estate at 19224 Schoolhouse Road
  • St. John’s Church at 11100 Second Street
  • LA Nails at 11322 W. Lincoln Highway


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