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Leaf / Open Burning

Hazards of Leaf Burning

Although the Village's Open Burning Ordinance provides Village officials with the ability to take enforcement action against violators (who reside within the corporate limits of the Village) when necessary, the provisions of the Ordinance are unenforceable on those who reside in unincorporated areas, where the burning of such waste is generally permitted.

Residents who may be affected by smoke emanating from within the corporate limits of the Village, or whom are unsure of the source of the problem, are asked to call the Mokena Police at (708) 479-3912 for problem resolution. The landscape waste burning provisions of the Illinois Administrative Code and the Mokena Village Code are enforceable "on-sight" by authorized enforcement personnel; therefore, those residents who call to place complaints regarding such burning are not required to leave their names, sign formal complaints, or testify in court.

Questions regarding this information on open burning may be directed to the Mokena Police Department at (708) 479-3912.

The Village Board of Trustees adopted an Ordinance that prohibited any Village resident from openly burning any garbage or yard waste (leaves, twigs/branches, grass). The Ordinance was adopted in an effort to protect the health and safety of Village residents, as well as those working in or passing through the community. Many people are adversely affected by the smoke that is produced by such open burning.

In essence, the Ordinance declares that the open burning of garbage, yard waste, and recyclable materials is prohibited. These open burning restrictions pertain only to outdoor fires and do not restrict fires in indoor fireplaces or stoves.

The Ordinance provides for "recreational fires" that are properly supervised, contained, and primarily used to cook food. Additionally, "mason’s fires" (used for construction purposes) are also allowed by the Ordinance.

General questions regarding the Village's Leaf/Branch Pick-Up program may be directed to the Public Works Department at (708) 479-3900.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website


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